Hello! I’m Katja.

I’m a performing artist, singer, musician, writer, maker, teacher, coach and entrepreneur. A dreamer and seeker, a gypsy at heart.

My roots are in the North, in the green forests and thousand lakes of Finland, that the German playwright Bertolt Brecht described as the country where people are silent in two languages (Finnish and Swedish). I’m not so sure being silent is a fitting description of me, though, as I work with the voice and love to communicate! My art is about telling stories and sharing my observations on life. I do this through singing, music, and writing. I love pondering many big questions and making connections. With my work,  I hope to inspire you, connect you to your memories, your dreams and your soul. Currently, I’m based in The Netherlands, and through travels my Fenno-Swedish heart has grown roots in many places around the world.

I enjoy exploring themes like home-sickness, identity and roots, and the universal melancholy that is present in music styles across cultural boundaries. The songs I sing and the music I play is like me: sometimes lyrical and romantic, nostalgic and melancholic, sometimes bubbly, cheeky and playful. An eclectic mixture of styles with influences of folk, jazz, bossa nova, samba, tango, and acoustic pop.  I love to connect with audiences and have performed in venues ranging from living rooms to music venues, open-air festivals to theaters.  

As a coach I help performers,  artists & teachers connect to their source, find their authentic voice, stretch their storytelling, share their unique gifts with the world, build sustainable lives and careers.

Thanks to modern technology I am blessed to work with people from all over the world in my online programs, and also in person on location across Europe. I teach at performing arts institutes, music schools and cultural projects, on workshops, courses and retreats, and coach and mentor performers and teachers in 1:1 and group programs. Wanna work together? Schedule a free Discovery Call to discuss your vocal and performance goals, and read all about my coaching programs and brainstorming sessions for singers, performers and creatives on the Complete Vocal Coach site.

Here in my home on the web, I share my music and musings, the lessons I learn along my creative journey, on building a sustainable life and career as an artist-preneur. I am currently working on my new solo project, continuing to perform and teach, and exploring the joys and challenges of being a traveling artist with a portfolio-career.

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