9 February with the Rotterdam ImproVoices, Brussels

8 March with the Rotterdam ImproVoices, Vocal Improvisation Festival Nijmegen

29 June with the Rotterdam ImproVoices, Koorbiënnale, Haarlem



Workshops, courses & retreats: 

13 – 20 July, Singing Atelier at Buitenkunst (NL)

20 – 27 July, Get Into The Groove – rhythm in popular choir music, at Buitenkunst (NL)

27 July – 3 August, Préau estate: Singer’s and Performer’s Retreat – CVT Zangvakantie, Chatîn (FR)

10 – 17 August, aLive: vocal production week at Theatertalentlab (NL)

Private lessons & coaching:

Singing lessons, coaching and mentoring for singers, singing teachers, speakers and performers.

Available worldwide online and in person in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) private lessons, coaching & mentoring for singers, speakers, teachers and performers. Teaching languages: English, Nederlands, Suomi, Svenska. More information & schedule a free consultation call to discuss your coaching needs.